Telecoms / Energy Auditing

In the current climate where increasing pressures on cost control and efficiency has never been so important, many corporate finance professionals are seeing the benefits of thorough, independent telecommunications and Energy auditing.

Margin Assurance

Industry studies show that communication providers leak 5-15% of gross revenues - with an entire industry geared to supporting the CP's in reducing these losses.


According to the Aberdeen Group 'Quick Fixes To Cut Telecom Costs' paper of November 2009, companies employing centralised management of assets and services were able to deliver;

How it Works

The process is very simple and requires very little time and effort from yourselves.

Dulay Associates understand the increasing changes being made within organisations coupled with the complexity of billing arrangements with telecoms and energy suppliers overcharging is almost inevitable. We specialise in understanding your organisation and aim to rationalise the mass of data to secure refunds and identify savings for our clients across the full spectrum of charges, ranging from PSTN calls and Freephone services through to Data Networks, equipment rental, installation and maintenance charges.

Using our proprietary in house software we can effectively analyse every aspect of the billing process to identify deficiencies in the billing systems and handle the claim cycle with the suppliers on our client's behalf. Unlike many of our competitors Dulay Associates is dedicated to working with our client's on ensuring that the work we do is not simply for now but for the future and providing constant ongoing analysis coupled with our bespoke Unified Analytical System we can provide a highly visual and powerful user interface allowing you to define business KPIs, powerful data mining to manage not just your telecoms/energy data but other areas of your business.aim to map telecoms, energy and other inventory items back to those locations or cost centres.


Dulay Associates' attention to detail allows us to perform comprehensive telecoms audits across most areas of the telecoms arena, some of the areas we routinely review include;

  • PSTN Calls & Rental Charges
  • Freephone Services
  • Featurenet
  • Private Circuits & VPN
  • Equipment Rental
  • Maintenance Charges
  • Mobiles
  • Wholesale
  • Interconnect