Unified Analytics

Ever wanted to know how key areas within your organisation are performing but unable to gain immediate access to that data or have to wait for requested reports to be generated by staff or batch processes.

Wouldn't it be nice to have all the relevant information available from a single source tailored to your exact requirements and available from any location. Dulay Associates Unified Analytics service is exactly that.

With organisations generating more and more data making sense of it and having it available on demand in a graphical format is becoming more of a challenge than ever. Dulay Associates Unified Analytical approach helps to ease this burden and provide a centralised and managed service. Our single objective is to provide our clients with a single portal to visually rich views of their information.

Dulay Associates can quickly and efficiently model and present the majority of our clients' data in a secure and effective method. We don't simply display your data but we apply your own unique KPIs and measures to help support essential business decisions with the ability to quickly see everything from historic to erratic patterns or expenditures.

Our unique bespoke system enables our customers to have any configured information at their finger tips all from a single location. The information can be uploaded offline via our secure FTP site or Dulay Associates can work closely with your internal IT department to configure a read only real-time interface to provide a more continuous and Live data feed.

Our system does not just have to stop at your own internal data, the majority of suppliers do have provisions to provide Automatic pricing structure which we can prepare and interface with our solution to provide real time comparisons for key business decisions all from a single portal.

As a web based application our solution is available 24/7 and also on many of today’s smart devices, so keep up to date with what is happening within your organisation even when you are out of the office.

Our objective is very simple but effective, we provide our customers with a single location for all their key business strategic information allowing them to have access to that all import data when and where they need it.