About Us

Dulay Associates have spent many years working in the software and consultancy arena assisting designing and developing large scale software for Central Government. During the past 10 years we have been working in designing and developing software for managing and analysing telecoms and energy data.

We specialise in analysing large and complex telecoms and energy data on behalf of organisations making sense of the complexities of contracts and large data structures associates with telecommunications and energy.

Dulay Associates are there to support our client's, we go that extra mile to ensure that we do the best work that we can and provide the excellent service that they expect. Our in house software and data management allows us the flexibility to manipulate the information and identify any new anomalies with the data.

Our Unified Analytical services allows all your information to be neatly organised and located in a single client portal, we feel that having all your information be it suppliers information, staff performance or sales data alongside your telecoms and energy data can be a great asset to decision making. Our service is available where ever you have an internet connection be it via your desktop PC or your smart phone, never be away from your key data.

We pride ourselves on being there for our clients no matter what the request.